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Road Tripping to the Grand Canyon

Bo Bridges1 Comment

Always wanted to take a trip out and shoot the Grand Canyon.  Who wouldn't?  I've flown over it year after year and it's amazing to see from any angle.  But walking up to the edge for the first time really does take your breath away.  The only thing missing for me was some clouds.  I love to shoot when there's good clouds in the sky.  The first few days we were there we had clear skies but no clouds.  I also brought my remote heli to shoot some video.  The wind was gusting 30mph + and no good for flying.  On the last day the clouds started to move in.  We had rented some mountain bikes and rode a good 10 miles to scout some good locations.  I took my tripod and camera gear back to what I thought was The Spot.  The clouds were moving fast. I set up a timelapse with one of my GoPros.  The light peaked through a few times.  Then it all hit.  It didn't last long but when it happened I had three cameras armed and ready.  However, the shot I really wanted was behind me on another point about 200 yards away looking West.  I had gotten caught up shooting the ever changing shadows and light looking East.  I saw the clouds start to pop from the sun hitting it below and I ran as fast as I could to the other point and nailed the shot I wanted.  I only got a few frames off.  But this shot had the sunset, the clouds, the canyon, the depth, the layers, and the Colorado river all bundled into my viewfinder.  These images are pretty cool, but the one image stands out above all the rest.  Working on a new space for it in the gallery soon... Will keep you posted once it's up.  

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