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Winners for the prints are...

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We had such a huge response to the first ever name this pic contest we are giving away two images of each print!  The winners need to contact us within the next 7 days at and we can either ship your print or you can pick it up at the gallery.  Congratulations to all the winners and thanks to all that participated!!  Images and winners are posted in order below:


"Tangerine Dream" Todd Klawin  & "Beacon" Amy Fahlbusch

"Tangerine Dream" Todd Klawin  & "Beacon" Amy Fahlbusch

"Pier Pressure" by @rexis & "Lost in the Awe" Dan Eberhardt

"Pier Pressure" by @rexis & "Lost in the Awe" Dan Eberhardt

"Outside the Matrix" Annabelle Anderson & "The Green Mile"

"Outside the Matrix" Annabelle Anderson & "The Green Mile"

"Manhattan Beach from the Cheap Seats" Phil Shalala & "11/12/13" Amy Hackbart

"Manhattan Beach from the Cheap Seats" Phil Shalala & "11/12/13" Amy Hackbart

Manhattan Pier shots... Win a free print...

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We selected four different angles of the Southbay with Manhattan Pier popping out that Bo recently shot.   We are looking for the best caption or name for each image.  You can put your comments in here or on instagram at bobridges or FB.  We will close the naming competition on Friday Nov. 15th at midnight PST.  The best name/caption wins a free print of that image. We will announce the winner next week and we can ship it anywhere in the US or the winner is welcome to pick it up at the gallery.  Thanks to all that have already participated.  Click through the four images below.  Looking forward to seeing all the entries.  

Bo Bridges Newsletter

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indo _MG_5613.jpg
indo ER2A4997.jpg
indo ER2A8544.jpg
indo _MG_4181.jpg
indo Bo_Lances_7309.jpg
indo Day_8350.jpg
indo GreenBush_6291.jpg
indo ER2A8378.jpg
indo Ratu_Motu_6700.jpg
indo Terry's_6084.jpg

Traveling some 30 plus hours via airplane to Pedang, Indonesia, then a quick one hour bus ride to the boat docks and onto the dingy, across the harbor to board the Ratu Motu to cross the channel for another 10 hours and finally arriving in the Mentawai Islands to surf some of the best waves the world has to offer... Check out the video above for all the details.  

K2 text.jpg
k2 ad.jpg
k2 b1.jpg
k2 b 3.jpg
k2 b2.jpg
ER2A3715 2.jpg

Bo was hired by Seattle based K2 Sports to shoot the current ski ad campaign in Powder, Ski, Skiing magazine on newsstands everywhere.  Bo used the Skateboard ramp transition to create his studio and shot the entire ad in the K2 warehouse.  

X games text .jpg
x Bucky_Lasek_20130803_1644.jpg
x vertical 1.jpg
x travis pastrana_MG_6381.jpg
x ER2A3062.jpg
x vertical 2.jpg
x chad kerley ER2A9525A.jpg
x Andy_Mac_9352.jpg
x Nate_Adams_A9314.jpg

It was a bitter sweet ending for the X Games LA.  The event was split between two locations and athletes and fans were torn between different events.  Bo managed to shoot both locations, but it wasn't easy.   The event was action packed as it always is.  

6 man copy.jpg

Six Man seems to be getting smaller and smaller but the competitors are still there.  With the overlap of X Games that day, Bo set up a timelapse on the Manhattan Beach Lifeguard tower and captured what he could remotely.  

mb easy reader.jpg
heli mb G0020151.jpg
heli mb GOPR0024.jpg
heli mb Manhattan_Beach_Pier_60.jpg
body glove copy.jpg
bob Bo_Fly_20212 copy.jpg
bob G0010070.jpg

Aerial shots and more aerial shots.  Bo shot the Manhattan Pier from above and it landed on the cover of Beach Magazine.  A week later he went out and took his remote heli onboard a 45 foot sailboat and carefully launched it up and over the paddle out for Bob Meistrell, the co-founder of Body Glove.  

EVENT 1.jpg
event _MG_6964 copy.jpg
event _MG_6917 copy.jpg
event _MG_6932.jpg
event _MG_6910 copy.jpg

The Gallery is open and ready to go.  The holidays are right around the corner and if you are looking to host an event in a beautiful environment, call the studio at 310.937.3764 to book a date or check the website under events.  

cross ER2A8638.jpg
cross ER2A8772.jpg

The 2013 Reebok CrossFit Games were held at the StubHub Center in Carson and Bo made it out to capture some of the amazing athletes.


Road Tripping to the Grand Canyon

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Always wanted to take a trip out and shoot the Grand Canyon.  Who wouldn't?  I've flown over it year after year and it's amazing to see from any angle.  But walking up to the edge for the first time really does take your breath away.  The only thing missing for me was some clouds.  I love to shoot when there's good clouds in the sky.  The first few days we were there we had clear skies but no clouds.  I also brought my remote heli to shoot some video.  The wind was gusting 30mph + and no good for flying.  On the last day the clouds started to move in.  We had rented some mountain bikes and rode a good 10 miles to scout some good locations.  I took my tripod and camera gear back to what I thought was The Spot.  The clouds were moving fast. I set up a timelapse with one of my GoPros.  The light peaked through a few times.  Then it all hit.  It didn't last long but when it happened I had three cameras armed and ready.  However, the shot I really wanted was behind me on another point about 200 yards away looking West.  I had gotten caught up shooting the ever changing shadows and light looking East.  I saw the clouds start to pop from the sun hitting it below and I ran as fast as I could to the other point and nailed the shot I wanted.  I only got a few frames off.  But this shot had the sunset, the clouds, the canyon, the depth, the layers, and the Colorado river all bundled into my viewfinder.  These images are pretty cool, but the one image stands out above all the rest.  Working on a new space for it in the gallery soon... Will keep you posted once it's up.  

G0010055 copy.jpg
G0010275 copy.jpg
BoBridges_7076 copy.jpg

A Celebration of Bob Meistrell's Life from high above

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Thousands gathered on the beach and in the water to commemorate a legend on Sept 15th in Redondo Beach, CA.  Bob Meistrell was the Co-founder of BodyGlove. A loving father, brother, husband,and friend.  He is dearly missed by many.   Bo shot these images from high above the water with his mini heli, right before he paddled over and joined everyone in the celebration!  Visit or

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Bo Bridges opens his second gallery in downtown Manhattan Beach, CA.  The gallery officially opened on July 5th 2013.  We are looking forward to having a grand opening late Aug or early Sept.  In the meantime come on down and check it out!  The gallery is open 12-6 Sunday- Wed and 12-10pm Thurs-Sat.   Please call 310.937.3764 to schedule an Appt. For more info follow us on Facebook at Bo Bridges Gallery  .


Since winter of 1998 Bo has been covering both winter and summer X Games.  This year he keeps the shutter popping for his 16th consecutive X Games event.  After 11 fun years, this will be the last year Summer X Games hosted in LA.  Please let us know if you need any new images and if you live in LA, get out there before it's gone!