Bo Bridges Gallery - Fine Art Photography | Manhattan Beach, CA


How does this work?

We have limited edition prints that are made custom to order as well as open edition. Each limited print has an edition size of only 45. Once we sell all 45 prints, the image will never be sold again.


What sizes do they come in? 

We have three suggested sizes for each print, but you are not limited to those sizes. Want a massive print? No problem! All of our work is made custom to order. Measure your wall and send us the dimensions and we'll help you figure out a good size. 


Am I limited to the images and prints online?

No, not at all. We are currently working on a large catalogue of all of Bo's stunning photographs. Have a certain look you are going for or a criteria in mind? No problem. Just contact one of our staff members and we can do a special search for you to try to find the perfect piece for you.


How long does it take?

Once the image is ordered it usually takes between 10-14 business days. This is all variable to size and medium (print material). Please allow an additional 5-7 days for shipping. Need your order by a certain date? Not a problem we can put a rush on your order to accommodate. Express shipping fees may apply.


Am I limited to the frames offered online?

No. We have a number of different frames to match your needs. Purchase only the print with no frame or matte. Once you have purchased please call or email with order number and ask for other frame options. Our friendly staff will work with you to find the perfect frame for you. Additional charges may apply.


Will my print be signed and editioned? 

All limited edition prints are numbered and signed. 


Can I pick which number edition I want to buy?

Yes. If that edition has not be purchased we will happily sell you the edition of your choice. 


How do I know its authentic?

Each limited edition print comes with a certificate of authenticity for your records. So in a few years when you want to return on your investment, the art buyer can see that it is a true Bo Bridges.


Can I find Bo Bridges prints for sale anywhere else?

No. Bo Bridges Gallery are the only places you will find a Bo Bridges print. However, Bo donates frequently to charities, so you may see them at an auction every once in awhile. 


I love the work but I'm just not sure how it would look on my wall, any suggestions?

Easy fix! Take a picture of the wall you have in mind and send it over to us. In that email be sure to include your name and number as well as the image or criteria you are interested in. Our team of specialists will mock in the image onto the wall and send it back to you so you can see how it looks! Gotta love technology.


What are the "Mediums"?

We have a number of wonderful mediums that accent each piece. Our most popular medium is our giclee aluminum print fusing. This is a process where the image is fused onto a sheet of aluminum giving it a very clean, crisp, high luminescent look. Another option we have is a Crystal archive print with an acrylic face mount. This is a process of mountain a print to a 1/8th an inch of acrylic. It yields a nice clean modern look that will make a statement in any room of your home. Want a painted look to your piece? No problem. Your best bet is to go with a watercolor paper or a hand stretched canvas. We also offer a number of other fine art papers as well. 


 Do you ship?

Of course! We ship world wide. Each piece gets a custom made box to make sure your piece gets to you safely.


What if I am unsatisfied with my purchase?

All sales are final. We have a non-refundable and non-returnable policy. If you received the wrong print or your print was damaged during transit please contact us at


Do you collaborate with any other brands or people?

Yes. If you have any ideas or want to work with Bo please contact us at