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You don't have to be a celebrity in order to customize your home decor. The Bo Bridges Gallery believes that art is a medium meant to be shared and enjoyed by all, no matter the scale or size, which is why we created The Custom Experience. The Custom Experience enables anyone to request prints customized to fit their space whether it be residential, commercial, or any space in between!

More about Prints & Mediums

Any print, Open or Limited Edition may be customized. We offer a selection of mediums:

Aluminum with a gloss finish: For this medium, the image is infused into the metal and finished with a glossy coat giving the final piece a sleek, glassy appearance. Aluminum is one of our preferred mediums as it is durable, lightweight, and gives a brilliant appearance The gloss finish gives a similar appearance as acrylic allowing for rich color saturation and crisp detail to the image without the weight that acrylic carries. Unframed, the aluminum can sit flush against a wall. Framed in a float frame can give the aluminum print more of a 3D effect.

Aluminum with a matte finish: For this medium the image is infused into the metal and finished with a matted coat. This finish is good for spaces that might directly face light sources as it will not give off as much of a reflection as a gloss finished medium. The matte finish has a similar appearance to canvas while still offering the lightweight & durable features that aluminum provides. Unframed, the aluminum can sit flush against a wall. Framed in a float frame can give the aluminum print more of a 3D effect.The biggest difference between aluminum gloss or aluminum matte is generally personal preference, we suggest going with whichever finish makes you the happiest.

Canvas: For this medium, the image is printed on canvas and stretched over a wooden frame allowing for a 3D effect. While canvas is not necessarily as weather proof as aluminum, it is still a trusted medium that offers great color saturation and a refined yet relaxed appearance to any space. Canvas prints typically run in a cost range slightly lower than aluminum. Canvas pieces can be framed or unframed to your liking.

Art Paper: For this medium the image is printed directly onto the art paper. The final result gives an effect similar to that of a watercolor painting. It is a unique medium that is fitting for certain spaces and pieces, but not all. This medium is more susceptible to weathering or light so is best to display in spaces where it won't be affected by too many elements. Typically we recommend framing with this medium as well to give it a more finished look.

Miscellaneous Mediums: For those of you who are feeling extra creative, we love a good challenge and are able to think outside of the box when it comes to mediums. We have done several installations on custom surfboards, skateboards, windows, cars, and more. Tell us your vision in the details section of your request form and our creatives will work hard to make it come to life.


Sizing It Up

The most important factor for completing your custom experience is sizing up your space. One of the best ways for us to provide a visual for how a piece will look once installed is for us to provide a custom rendering of your desired image in your selected space. Once you have filled out your Custom Experience Request Form through this site with the information and dimensions of the wall you intend to place the artwork on, you can email an image of your space to One of our talented art associates will take your image and render your requested image into that space for you to have a visual on how the final installation will look. This often helps to make final decisions on sizes, and frame options.

What do we need from you? Not much! Just your completed Custom Request Form, submitted directly through this site and then an emailed image preferably taken straight on facing the blank space on which your piece will hang, sent to Too easy!


Let's Talk Frames...

Just as we can customize sizing and mediums, we can also customize frames to match your decor. We offer a variety of frame selections and upon viewing your available space can offer suggestions on which we feel will compliment your particular area the most. Some spaces are filled most powerfully with no frame at all, others achieve the perfect look with a simple float frame which thinly hugs the side of the piece while others are better suited for a more ornate, larger volume frame. The good news is you have options... the bad news can sometimes be that there are lots of options. But that is where our expert art associates come in, let us help you design the perfect final piece.


Now that we have covered the basics, you're ready to get started on a custom installation of your own! For inspiration, enjoy browsing through some examples of our installations below.


Explore Some of our Finished Installations Below